Whole like a stone but light like a feather….

Thank you for visiting Native Pantry!  We look forward to serving you and your families for years to come as we scale up our offerings of grass finished products.  We also hope to educate those unfamiliar with our holistic approach to raising animals.  This method centers on the belief that everything is connected to everything else.  To be “whole”istic is to understand that we must resolve the contradictions that exist between nature and raising animals for food.  We must consider the “whole” in every step.  Isolated health is an illusion; we are all a part of this land, this community, this earth and if our methods or buying habits support the desecration of any of these we are hurting all of them.   Our methods offer a pathway back to the whole showing that just as man can destroy, so can we heal.  Let’s leave a place worthy of the next seven generations.

John Ikerd is an economist and long time food activist.  Read his “Good Food Revolution” here….


Thank you and we look forward to meeting you in person in the weeks and months to come!