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Grass-fed Beef — The Most Vegan Item In The Supermarket…

Study Proves Pasture Raised Meat is Richer in Healthy Fats

Pasture Fed Animals are Healthier to Eat Study Shows

Whole like a stone but light like a feather….

Thank you for visiting Native Pantry!  We look forward to serving you and your families for years to come as we scale up our offerings of grass finished products.  We also hope to educate those unfamiliar with our holistic approach to raising animals.  This method centers on the belief that everything is connected to everything…

Pastured Pork: Taste the Difference

There are many benefits to the meat that we raise including being better for the environment, the animal, the community, and your health.  But what about THE TASTE!  The most important one of them all…. 5 Reasons to Switch to Pastured Pork

GM vs Non GM Pig feed study

See below a study done by Australian Professor, Dr. Judy Carman, on the effects of GM (genetically modified) vs. Non GM feed in pigs.  The pigs stomach and digestive system is said to closely mimic that of a humans. Evidence of GMO harm in pig study

Grass Fed vs Regular Beef

Check out the article below debating the taste of grass fed vs grain finished burgers.  If you have not tried grass fed/finished beef, the flavor is unbelievable! GRASS FED VS. REGULAR:  WHICH TASTES BETTER?

What you eat matters to more people than just you…

Every dollar that you spend at the grocery store or at the farm store matters.  Some “one” or in some cases some “thing” raised that animal for you.  Again, the question comes up;  “What is the real cost of my food, on my environment, on my community?”  We don’t have all the answers but hope…

The Real Cost of Cheap Food

It is important to understand the real cost of cheap food.  We live in a beautiful part of the world and many of us enjoy fishing, swimming, boating  and many other activities on Michigan’s lakes and rivers.  Let’s support a food system that takes into account the health of these things that we love by…

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